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Contrail or Chemtrail?


What is the difference between a Contrail and a Chemtrail? A contrail is a streak of cloud formed by a jet engine in a trail of condensation created by a jet and the area it passes through. It usually fades shortly after it is formed. The chem trails last for the entire day and eventually turn into strange looking clouds.


Do these look normal?????

Chemtrails photo: chemtrails chemtrailspic.jpg

Chemtrails , at first appear to be contrails, but as watched they are much thicker, extend across the sky, and in most cases they  cross and or make huge X’s and in about 30 minutes or less, they open into aerial patterns that appears to be clouds. There is much speculation that these chemtrails are some sort of spraying being done.

In 1998, the Centers for Disease Control recorded 59 weeks of epidemic fatalities from pneumonia and influenza-like illness. Some are saying that there is a flu-like epidemic on the rise, which the Center for Disease Control says may be due to some “unknown pathogen.” Scientific reports that 11 out of every 100 newly dead people have died from this “influenza-like illness,” but 99 percent of sick patients have tested negative for the flu. The public has demanded information but their request has been ignored.

Today jets are so heavily used around the world, and there is some fear that chemtrails could be having an impact on global climate, and satellite images taken seem to be supportive of this idea.

The FAA has admitted things have been taking place in the U.S. skies causing Xs, circular patterns and parallel lines that looked to be chemtrail activity that has been repeatedly reported by pilots, police, military personnel along with thousands of people across the United States. The Environmental Protection Agency states that it could possibly be pesticide spraying.

Chemtrails may be the reason that over half the world and over half the U.S. have been experiencing drought for the past two years.


Chemtrails are blocking out the sun, which is what the geo engineering advocates call for,and indicates that they are a part of this dangerous and wide-reaching program. Some of the thoughts are the Chemtrails are weather modification and in some cases in case of bio warfare. Congressman Dennis Kucinich see chemtrails as one of many new weapons that should be banned.


What are these trails, who is spraying them into our atmosphere and for what purpose? So what do YOU think they are?


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